Driving on Sunshine is an electric vehicle roadshow empowering individuals and communities across the Sunshine State to transition to clean, electric transportation. The roadshow promotes driving electric through personal, hands-on driving experiences -- bridging the gap between the day-to-day need for transportation and benefits of driving electric. 

Join Electrify the South and the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy at an event near you and experience driving electric for yourself! Don't see an event in your area yet? Click below to suggest an event location or host a ride & drive event at your business.



To provide firsthand driving experiences

The best way to see how fun, easy and practical an electric vehicle (EV) can be is to drive one for yourself!  That’s why the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy will be touring the Sunshine State to educate the public about EVs through an electric-vehicle roadshow called Driving on Sunshine. Our staff will bring a variety of electric vehicles to Floridians across the state, offering a series of ride and drive opportunities. Attendees will have the chance to test drive various vehicles, including a Nissan LEAF hatchback, a Tesla Model 3 sedan, and a Tesla Model X crossover. 

To pave the way for a clean transportation + clean energy future

Clean energy can drive our future. Charging an electric vehicle is already better for the environment than fueling up a traditional gas-powered vehicle — reducing both pollution and the need for gasoline from offshore drilling. However, we envision a future of transportation fueled by clean, renewable energy sources. This is the best possible solution for the environment and public health, eliminating the need for any form of dirty fossil fuels.

To promote the benefits of electric vehicles

Not only are EVs key to reducing carbon emissions that cause climate change, they also protect public health, reduce the need for offshore drilling, and save drivers money! EVs are rapidly becoming more affordable, more practical, and more popular, but there are still many misconceptions about them - so we welcome the chance to educate and advocate about the benefits of electrifying transportation!

Driving on Sunshine provides an opportunity for individuals to experience driving that benefits our communities and our environment — while having fun in the process! Driving electric is a clean transportation solution that saves money, protects public health, and preserves our planet.


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